Rockwool or Mineral Wool Products

Blankets and Pre-moulded pipe insulations, boards and bulk These products are inorganic and composed mainly of silica and Alumina.  Its main uses are for Thermal Insulation, Acoustic and Fire Protection.  Rockwool has low thermal conductivity, high Temp resistance reaching up to 750 deg. C.  It is non-combustible. No thermal shock, fire resistant, high resistant to deformation, Non hygroscopic, non capillary, water repellent and does not Absorb moisture from air.

Rockwool Blanket Insulation with wire mesh backing on one side

Sizes & Densities varies:

50mm thickness x 1m x 4m

100mm thickness x 1m x 4m

densities  : 80 kg/m3

100 kg/m3

120 kg/m3

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