Mastic & Sealants

An asphalt-based material to form a tough, efficient weather and vapor barrier film when applied to any standard type of insulation (excluding Styrofoam), steel or building material surface.  Use for protecting insulation and steel structural from weathering, corrosion and chemical action.  Provides non-cracking film that prevents moisture seepage from attacking steel surfaces in process heaters.  Also prevents air and moisture infiltration through boiler wall settings and stack bases; protecting boiler walls against moisture and deterioration.

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Pyro Bloc Module

A ceramic fiber lining designed for high temp furnaces that require corrosion barriers on the shell.  The modules are held to the steel casing by stainless steel studs that are welded to the shell before a protective coating is applied.  This pre-welding creates a reliable and secure base of attachment.

Advantages:   Monolithic, edge grained ceramic fiber module. True multi-directional compression. Available in uncompressed Density of up to 240 kg/m3.  installs quickly over coated shells,

316 stainless steel internal support system.

Applications:  Process Heaters, Heat Treating Furnaces, Ethylene Furnaces, All furnace linings requiring protective barrier.

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Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blankets

a high purity blend  of raw materials, it is the world’s most recognized name of Ceramic Fiber.  It offers excellent handle ability and high temperature stability.  This allows it to meet a wide range of hot face and back-up insulation applications in furnaces and other equipment requiring high temperatures and heat containment.

Advantages:   Low thermal conductivity and heat storage, resistance to thermal shock, and chemical attack, good acoustical and fire

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