Coastal Conventional Castables

CC 70C

45-95% alumina (Al2O3) content max. use limit temp : 2600ºF – 3400ºF.

  • excellent resistance to abrasion
  • excellent resistance to alkali
  • excellent resistance to slag attack
  • excellent hot load strength
  • excellent to thermal shock
  • excellent resistance to spalling
  • volume stability and low porosity

Application on the following industries:

Power Plant Industries Cement Industries Metal & Steel Industries
Boilers Riser Duct Ladles
Petrochemical Nose Ring/Kiln Discharge Electric Furnaces
Chemical Process Tertiary Airduct Hearths of heat furnace
Aluminum Inlet Chamber/Cone Soaking Pit Lower Sidewall and bottoms
Incinerators Tertiary Airduct Wye Forge Furnace Hearths
Cement Industries Pre-Calcener Non-ferrous Furnaces
Pre-cast; intricate Burner Pipe B.O.F Lining
Kiln Firing Hood Concast Turnish
Clinker cooler