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From its establishment in 1972, as a marketing specialist in energy-efficient insulation materials, ASSISTCO has since diversified into a:

   * Major producer of refractory castables, under license from Thermal ceramics, Inc., USA and distributor of its other insulating products;  another license from Coastal Refractories for plastic, ramming mixes, low, ultra low cement, SiC and no cement castable.

   * Furnace builder/erector and hot and cold insulation installer with technical excellence of highly competent engineering staff and equipments.

   * Civil works construction firm

   * Mechanical works and light metal fabricator

   * Mechanical seal distributor and installer

   * Fuel Water Management Chemicals
In the last three decades, our progress has been a tremendous success which we shall maintain non-stop,  by achieving and improving job performance, better product sourcing and skilled manpower with the implementation of computerized application of construction techniques.

Our Products

Many world-famous manufacturers have given us exclusive distribution arrangements to serve the Philippines and Southeast Asian markets, with low-thermal mortar insulating materials - Pyrobloc, Ceramic fiber and minerals wool products, insulating fire bricks, dense and insulating refractory castables, bonding mortars, accessories and other related items are in our products mix

Latest News & Update

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We are now iso 9001-2008 certified.

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